Consulting / Strategy

Desmo Marketing’s experience in Direct Response Marketing clarifies the focal point of our marketing strategy and we offer unlimited consulting for small business owners or operators wanting a more ‘hands on’ approach to building their business. 

Results are the word of the day in our marketing strategy and we feel strongly that our clients should ONLY spend money on marketing and advertising when there is a high probability of reaping a profit. Relying on time proven, classic marketing techniques we ‘stack the deck’ in your favor leaving virtually nothing to chance. 

Every campaign teaches you something and with over 30 years of combined experience to draw upon, we have a lot of past trials to help us create new, successful ad campaigns for our clients. Certainly not ‘old dogs’ we learn ‘new tricks’ nearly every day as the medium for advertising shifts and changes with the advent of new technology. We welcome the new age of global based marketing and find our proven methods even more successful on today’s larger stage.