Bringing together over 30 years of combined direct response copywriting experience, Desmo Marketing is uniquely qualified to offer industry leading, results based ad copy that is benefit driven and brand friendly. 

Our marketing philosophy is centered in presenting the unique facets of your business that set you apart from your competition and reveal your commitment to providing only the best product or service in your marketplace. Ad copy that helps you define your companies ‘voice’ within your industry, instantly sets you apart from the ‘also ran’s and ‘wanna-be’s’ cluttering up the mass of other businesses claiming to be your competition. 

Through a well chosen and descriptive presentation, our ad copy paints pictures and finds multiple avenues of connection with your clients and prospects, engaging them in the process and maximizing today’s arsenal of communication methods. 

Never to be ‘pigeon-holed’ or ‘labeled’ our style is made up of exactly what is needed, uniquely created for each client and the marketplace within which they operate. Though based in ‘classic’ and ‘proven’ copywriting techniques, Desmo Marketing continues to reinvent those classic formats through today’s new age of marketing and communication pathways. By offering our clients a broad spectrum of potential strategies, we design ad copy that brings in more new business as well as boosts profits from your current clients, creating an extremely high ROI.

Our copy can  be used pretty much anywhere you want including but not limited to: 


Sales Letters 

Direct Mail 

Video Scripts 

Telemarketing Scripts 

Crowdfunding Campaigns 

Social Media Profiles 



Or anywhere else you can think of! 

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