The Small Business Postcard Marketing Success System


The Small Business Postcard Marketing Success System


You may have seen some of these high dollar outfits claiming they have complete postcard systems along with fancy full color postcards and so called experts on staff to implement a mailing for your company.

Don’t believe it!

Many of these outfits look great on paper but outsource their work to graphic artists and others who don’t know how to market their way out of a wet paper sack! The point is you don’t need to spend thousands on a postcard promotion – that’s one of the key points of using postcards – they are CHEAP! But they work – in many cases even better than full page sales letters. This system shows you how to capitalize on todays technology to reduce cost costs to rock bottom while improving response at the same time. Here are some key points:

  • You don’t need to learn copywriting to write up a simple yet very effective postcard – use our formula and templates!
  • You can start for the change in your cars cup holder and enjoy a 20-40% boost in business without spending anymore!
  • It only takes about 30 minutes a day to keep this system producing at an optimum level giving you lots of free time!
  • This is ‘set it and forget’ technology – the system runs on auto pilot, no need for constant troubleshooting or ‘fixes’
  • Our Postcard Notification Method brings in a nice 10-30% spike in sales from your current clients – just do this!
  • Why this works better NOW than it did 10 years ago; the ‘secret’ that makes postcards the #1 marketing tool ever!
  • The key ‘power words’ to use on your postcard that will almost hypnotize prospects and drive them to your door.
  • We’ll also reveal some of our past postcard campaigns, results and changes that sparked improvements and why.

This comprehensive system includes three videos that give you an introduction to using postcard marketing as well as more indepth components of it. The manual covers specific details and the package also includes our in-house marketing postcard templates™ you can use to set up a high response postcard for your business in just minutes! In just one afternoon you can have your entire postcard campaign set up and ready to mail. The results are quick and sustained. Just 500 a week could realistically add an extra 10-25% to your overall sales easily. Don’t delay, every day you wait is another day your missing out on the extra sales and new clients that can easily be yours.

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