Giving your company an online presence shouldn't leave you with a migraine.


Let Desmo Marketing help!

We'll do the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy that cup of coffee. 

Our eclectic background and determination to get to know each and every one of our customers makes us more than capable of handling your web design and online marketing needs.

We’re not a large Marketing Agency and we’re not located outside of the United States. We’re what you might call middle ground. Above all else, we’re straight forward. If we’re not capable of handling your project, we’ll let you know up front!

We handle web design, online marketing, copywriting, SEO, the occasional logo design, and we consider ourselves open minded. Got a special project in mind? We’ll take a look and let you know if we think we’re a good fit for you and your business.


Yep. This is us. 100% us. You might be wondering why we chose to put pictures of our family on our home page. The truth is that family is the most important thing to us. It’s the reason we started Desmo Marketing (which happens to be named after our son, that goofy kiddo in the Mario costume above). So many websites rely on stock photos to fill up their site, and don’t get me wrong, those stock photos can be GORGEOUS, but we think our family is pretty gorgeous too. And, we want you to understand who we are, where our priorities lie, and why we run Desmo Marketing the way we do. To learn more about who we are, visit our About Us page!

Awesome experience! Outstanding service and great attitude towards customer satisfaction. He is absolutely amazing and delivers above and beyond! He worked relentlessly to complete my project on time and delivered emails to be proud of! Highly recommended! Thanks a million Desmo Marketing.
I Luv...Luv...Luv it!!! Another awesome job. I am so glad I found you. Thanks a bunch.
Delivered an Outstanding product in the time quoted! As an active Entrepreneur I always need effective marketing and Desmo Marking did just that for me. Will def. use them again!!

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