Email Marketing

The Average Return On Investment For Email Marketing Is 4,300% 

Since its inception, email always has and will be one the cheapest, most effective, and profitable marketing channels available to small business.   

I could go on forever with a list of impressive stats that make the case for why you should add email marketing your overall marketing strategy, but... 

There is just one problem

You see, the 'dirty little secret' that all those articles praising the power of email forget to mention is that writing an engaging and persuasive email is NOT easy! Business owners, managers, and consumers receive more emails than ever before and you only have a few seconds (at best) to capture their attention and engage them.

There is a serious art and skill to writing compelling emails that will first get opened, then hold the readers attention, and most importantly get them to TAKE ACTION! If you get even just one of these parts wrong then you have no chance of getting a response.

Since you are here I'm betting that you already understand this and fit into one of the following groups: 

  • You know that you should be utilizing email marketing, but you simply don't have the time or desire to develop the campaign and write the emails.

  • You have tried your hand at some email marketing in the past and have not had much or any success with it.

  • You have had some success with email and can see the potential, but are looking for a professional copywriter to help you maximize it.

No matter which of these describes you... WE CAN HELP! Not to brag, but our marketing campaigns consistently outperform industry averages for opens and click through rate! We have seen our copy increase client's response by 20% to as much as 150%! 

We write text-only emails (75 - 300 words) as they consistently prove to be more effective than fancy HTML emails full of pictures and graphics. HTML styled emails tend to set off spam and promotional filters and even if it makes it to the reader they know it's a junk email as soon as they open it. 

We do our best to keep pricing extremely simple so here you go: 

Your First Email With Us Is $10  

Think of this as an introductory "trial" offer. We do this so you have an opportunity to get a feel for our style and see if you would like to continue working with us. 

Each Additional Email Is $ 50 

That's it... It really is that simple! If you need 10 or more emails ask about our bulk discounts. 

Plus, all of our emails are backed by our "No Risk" Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with the emails that we write for you... we will provide a revision or a refund without any hassles.

Email marketing is the cheapest yet most direct marketing vehicle to boosting your company's profits! So all that is left to do is click the button below and request a quote from us. 

By the way all of your emails have been converting beautifully between 4-22% conversions on different emails. AMAZING!
Excellent job!!! Definitely went above and beyond what I expected. I will certainly be buying again. Highly recommended. Thanks for everything.